Business Freedom Coaching

Regular one-on-one personal coaching to get the most out of your business

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There is a better way to manage your business

Business owners come to us when:

  • They are struggling to make payroll
  • They can’t seem to find enough customers
  • They have to manage underperforming employees
  • They are having to work too much in the business and not enough on the business
  • They have great ideas for the future but don’t seem to put them into action

Business Freedom Coaching | Growth Workshop Sydney Australia

What's possible with the business freedom coaching

With the Business Freedom Package you can break away from what you're doing and start to work towards a better future. Own a business and not just a job. At Growth Workshop you can realise your potential and an extraordinary life on your own terms.

With regular one-on-one business coaching you can:
  • Own a cash producing asset that works without you
  • Prepare your business so that it is sale ready
  • Learn and apply new strategies to grow profits
  • Step away from the day to day so that you can work on your big ideas

How the business freedom package works


Your coach will work with you to build a plan so that you will know exactly where your business will be in 90 days.


Catch up with your coach to work through the steps on your plan and workshop opportunities and challenges.


Take that holiday you have been dreaming of, invest in other assets or pursue new ideas.

Growth Workshop has worked with clients to

  • Roll out a price increase
  • Implement a new recruitment plan
  • Document systems and processes
  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Double your profits with a winning marketing strategy
  • Prepare a company for sale
  • Appoint a general manager so the owner can step back from the day to day


There is no doubt that this package is the most popular for owners of businesses that turnover between $1 million and $10 million. If you want to grow your business and yourself, you can’t do it alone. You need a trusted advisor to guide you on the right path. The right business coach that has experience owning profitable businesses can show you an easier way to profits and more time with family and friends.

Leadership is a vitally important part of business ownership and is one of the most overlooked skills. Growth Workshop can show you how to choose and develop the right team to run your business while you are not there. When was the last time you took a three week holiday? The Business Freedom Package and One on One Coaching will show you how to have both the money and the time to live the life you want.

Don’t be trapped by your business. Join the other successful business owners that are growing great companies today.


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