Powerful coaching will improve your capability as an entrepreneur and as a leader. Break free from where you are, get the business you want and live an extraordinary life.

Growth workshop will help you grow your business, get control of your cash flow, build a high performance team and develop a strategy to maximise the value of your enterprise. Achieve extraordinary results and free yourself from your business.


Do you need to develop a winning sales and marketing plan? Drive growth in your business and scale up with the right strategy and business model.


Systematise your management, leadership, culture, vision and mission. Get the right team in place to drive the business forward. Get support in making the right hiring decisions.


Put the right management systems and people in place to give yourself the time and income to live the life you want.


Develop a system that will grow the potential value of your business as well as a comprehensive guide to getting your business ready.

Want to see what Growth Workshop can do for you?


Growth Workshop has a variety of programs to suit your business situation.

Business Freedom

This is one on one coaching for the business owner looking to accelerate growth and step back from the day to day.

Business Freedom Plus

One on one coaching plus additional executive coaching for your senior leadership team.

Growth Workshop

For the small business or startup owner. The Growth workshop program is group coaching aimed at developing your skills as a business owner.

Business Planning Program

Let Growth Workshop assess your business and produce a detailed step by step business plan. The plan will be delivered to you so you can execute and grow.


Are you looking for someone to support you in taking on big challenges, seeing the world differently and ultimately changing it.

You don’t have to do it alone.

A lot of business owners start a business trying to leverage current technical expertise or experience. As the business progresses they fall behind in developing the skills, knowledge and mindset required to ‘own’ a great business. Business owners that thought they were getting freedom, end up with a job or a behemoth that can’t run without them.

Coaching can help you see a way forward, hold you accountable for results and deliver returns far beyond what you thought possible.


Choose a business coach with real business experience.


Stephen has 12 + years of experience of starting, buying, owning and running businesses. He now has three businesses that run without day to day input.

Skills and knowledge

You will get access to Stephen’s extensive skills and knowledge which he has built up over a decade of business and management training, knowledge from all the best business best minds and most importantly the life changing power of coaching.


Get access to a world class library of tools, methodologies and resources to help grow yourself and your business


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